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De Haven- en Scheepvaart Vereniging (HSV) Den Helder is een vereniging die zich ten doel stelt functionarissen uit het bedrijfsleven en de overheid, die - direct of indirect - belang hebben en/of betrokken zijn bij het gebruik, de ontwikkeling en de verbetering van het havengebeuren in Den Helder bij elkaar te brengen.




  Bedrijfsnaam: Lubbers Logistics Group
  Adres: Mastenmakersweg 6
  1786 PB  Den Helder
  Telefoon: +31 223 673 980
  Email: info@lubbers.net
  Website: www.lubbers.net
Contactpersoon: Mr. Mark Hofland  
Email: m.hofland@lubbers.net  

Lubbers Logistics Group (Lubbers) is a private owned company that provides specialized international transport services for the Oil & Gas industry. We are a quality driven company with high focus on customer service and satisfaction. The group’s network consists of 14 bases across Europe in key locations for the Oil & Gas Industry: UK, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Romania and Poland. Furthermore we have alliances in Norway and Turkey.

Part of the group’s strategy is to continuously develop (extensive and intensive) the company and its facilities and the main goal is to be the market leader by providing a high quality service in an effective manner. With more than 190 trucks and 435 trailers the company can offer a wide range of solutions, tailor made to suit our clients needs, offering more flexibility.


Lubbers Logistics Group was formed as a merger between Lubbers BV and RTH Transport in 2002. To increase its strength and coverage in 2008, Dan Carrier, a Danish transport company, was taken over and trades under the name of Lubbers Denmark ApS and is part of the Lubbers Group. Additionally, in 2009 we have opened a base in Ravenna, Italy and in 2010 in Ploiesti, Romania. Since 2011 we are also active in Turkey-Istanbul.


And as per 1 July 2016, Lubbers completed the acquisition of the Special Transport visions of Wagenborg Nedlift in the Netherlands and Wagenborg GMBH in Germany. The acquisition is part of Lubbers’ strategy to further strengthen its position in the European energy logistics market. And also focus on offering specialized heavy lift horizontal and vertical heavy transport

Besides road transport we also offer a number of other services such as: onshore drilling rig relocations, storage & handling, recruitment services, project management and offshore container & basket rentals.








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