Helderse Scheepvaart vereniging


Northsea Port & Offshore Association

Over HSV

De Haven- en Scheepvaart Vereniging (HSV) Den Helder is een vereniging die zich ten doel stelt functionarissen uit het bedrijfsleven en de overheid, die - direct of indirect - belang hebben en/of betrokken zijn bij het gebruik, de ontwikkeling en de verbetering van het havengebeuren in Den Helder bij elkaar te brengen.


Bevesierweg MML (Fort Harssens),
Den Helder, 1781 AC,
The Netherlands
TEL: +31(0)223 747 001
WEB: info@endures.nl


Our main sectors include:

  • Maritime and offshore
  • Utilities
  • Oil and gas
  • Wind energy
  • Coatings
  • Chemical industry

ENDURES is derived from ENDUrance by RESearch, in other words, research for extending the life of materials is at the core of our professional activities. ENDURES B.V. is a ‘centre of excellence’ on the field of (maritime) corrosion, antifouling, Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC), failure analysis and integrity of protective coatings.

As a former part of TNO, we use our scientific knowledge in order to investigate the protection of materials and the improvement of the operational life time of structures and installations. Our premises are situated in a unique position at the harbor of Den Helder in the military field, where we have several laboratory facilities. We have continuous supply of natural seawater to perform our tests under realistic (maritime) conditions.