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De Haven- en Scheepvaart Vereniging (HSV) Den Helder is een vereniging die zich ten doel stelt functionarissen uit het bedrijfsleven en de overheid, die - direct of indirect - belang hebben en/of betrokken zijn bij het gebruik, de ontwikkeling en de verbetering van het havengebeuren in Den Helder bij elkaar te brengen.

Offshore Experience 8 september 2022 Den Helder


08 september 2022


10.00 - 17.00


Den Helder Schouwburg De Kampanje Willemsoord 63


Offshore Experience

What’s the future energy mix of the North Sea?
For many years oil & gas were the only sources of energy in the North Sea. But the past decades wind has come along, and new entrants such as floating solar and other forms of marine energy are looking for their options. Add offshore hydrogen production to the mix and you can see that we need to rethink the energy mix on the North Sea. We need to find new ways to integrate all forms into a new energy system.

41 companies active in North Sea energy are working together in the North Sea Energy program to come up with their vision on this energy mix. By studying the options, making smart combinations and looking at all aspects from environmental to technical, the group has been working hard on creating insight and options for the future. During the Offshore Experience René Peters of TNO will present the outcomes of the fourth round of of the program in an interactive Masterclass. During the Masterclass the Atlas of the North Sea will be a central part, complemented with three real-life examples that are part of the research.
Offshore Experience Den Helder